Big Data / Business intelligence

Huge Data? Advanced analytics at Enexus Global can get you the precise output.

Our experts transform raw data into accurate decision support. Data is crucial, but huge data is difficult to process using traditional BI tools. We integrate advanced analytics for big data with BI systems to get data output.

We are a VAR and Partner with MicroStrategy, a leading business intelligence company. MicroStrategy provides integrated reporting, analysis and monitoring software that enables organizations to analyze the data stored across their enterprise. This helps in making better business decisions at the right time.

Using the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence software, we can transform your data into reports and dashboards with reliable data to:

  • Built cost-effective solutions that improve productivity
  • Stay customer-focused and meet customer requirements
  • Strategize to improve ROI
  • Monitor data and detect deviations
  • Study and forecast market trends and opportunities

Our team can also make MicroStrategy BI mobile solutions for iOS/Android devices. The team experts are highly experienced in making dashboards and reports that can be viewed on mobile devices having various screen sizes.