Load Testing

Load Testing is a type of Performance Testing that involves checking of the application in reaction to increased load. Load Testing service provides the usability testing of the application before the deployment. It helps you to gather information on whether your application can handle 100 or 1000 or more users.

We check sustainability of an application when number of users increase and we identify any potential bottlenecks that might be affecting performance. Load Testing checks the application for the following:

  • Whether the hardware environment has the capability to support load
  • Whether the data in the system is compromised if the load increases
  • Response of the system during load – whether it hangs, crashes, gets confused and performs unintended functions, or works properly

Benefits of Load testing

  • Checks the limits of the system
  • Ensures that system meets the client’s load requirements
  • Avoids occurrence of future system failures due to excess load
  • Reduces the risk of downtime
  • Improves scalability of application
  • Promotes cost savings