Test Planning

Precise planning is more than half the work done, this is the importance of test planning. Spending an optimum time on planning the test helps to achieve goals in stipulated time and budget. Test planning involves creating a blue print of the testing process. Our testing experts analyze the testing requirements and create a specific test plan.

Test planning comprises of:

  • Scheduling and estimation of the testing process
  • Standardization of the testing process
  • Detailed description of the test cases
  • Identification and allocation of resources and their roles and responsibilities
  • Identification and analysis of risk factors
  • Prioritization of test cases
  • Identification of test deliverables
  • Definition of release criteria
  • Setting up the test environment
  • Documentation of the test plan

Benefits of precise test planning

  • Complete analysis of risk factors in advance
  • Cost savings up to 20% recorded
  • Prevention of wastage of testing time
  • Definition of time frames and resources for testing
  • Identification of  dependencies prior to process
  • Clear idea of deliverables