Performance Testing

Performance Testing comprises of verifying the performance of the software application while responding to a particular command. It is important to conduct Performance Testing as it helps to know how the system performs when subjected to normal working process, excessive stress, or different mode of information entry.

It identifies the bottlenecks and user response time issues and its causes. The Performance Testing process helps the system to become consistent and give accurate results as per the business requirements. Machine and Infrastructure capabilities are tested during Performance Testing and accordingly the overall performance of the Software application is evaluated.

We offer the Performance Testing services as a whole or in collaboration with other services. Rather than doing the Performance Testing after the application development, we do it throughout the development cycle which helps us to get rid of the performance issues right at the initial stage.

Benefits of Performance Testing

  • Reduces the risk of overall application performance failure
  • Helps to compare system’s performance at different stages
  • Cuts down the additional costs and time
  • Makes application performance consistent
  • Prevents future performance issues